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Meet The Team

Kev Hubbard

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What's your reason for going into aesthetics?

"I've been in Nursing for 24 years and about ten years ago, Iwent into aesthetics because I find facial anatomy fascinating. It's truly astonishing how may elements combine to build the structures of the face. When some of these structures start to diminish (as we age), aesthetic treatments are the perfect option to re-build and maintain a youthful appearance."

If you could give a client one single piece of advice before treatment, what would it be?

Always check your practitioners background qualifications and experience - choose a registered professional with a proven clinical track record who can deal with any forms of complications should they ever arise."

Why should clients pick Rejuvenate Aesthetics and Training ?

"We are passionate about what we do and we deliver individualised evidence-based treatment by industry leaders. We contribute to the evidence-base of often as we can and will always treat clients with the most up-to date and safest methods of treatment. If you're looking for a personable and friendly service we would recommend coming to have a consultation with us, where you're under no obligation to commit to treatment. We are more than happy to spend time with clients who are unsure about which direction they'd like their treatment to go."

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